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Product Detail
Compression type atomizing machine

Working principle:

The aerosol is atomized into 0.5 mu m-5 m by compressed air. It is inhaled into the respiratory system and deposited so as to achieve rapid, effective and painless treatment.

Product features:

The appearance of simple and elegant, compact and reasonable structure, convenient handle design, concept and practicality of Jimei.

The noise below 65 decibels, reduce noise pollution, enjoy quiet treatment.

The unique spray cup frame design, atomizing cup placement and taking is convenient.

The super cooling hole, the cooling effect is excellent, with a longer period of time, the machine is more durable.

Technical parameter:

The gas flow rate is not less than 8L/min

The machine pressure: under normal working conditions 50KPa-150KPa

The no-load noise value is less than or equal to 60dB (A):

The main materials: medical polymer materials

The power: AC220V, 50HZ

Input power: 115VA

Note: the normal working conditions of the machine pressure refers to the state of the atomizer pressure in the oxygen tube connection and atomizing cup.