Chongqing Kesite Medical Technology Co Ltd


Regional Manager (number)

Requirements: 1. Responsible for product marketing channel development and sales, implement and complete annual sales plan of the company's products. 2, according to the company's marketing strategy, enhance sales value, control costs, expand product sales in the responsible region, and actively complete the sales quota, expand product market share. 3 、 keep good communication with customers, grasp customer requirements in real time, and provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and considerate service. 4, according to the company's products, prices and marketing strategies, independent handling inquiries, quotations, contract terms of the negotiations and contract signing and so on. Coordinate and supervise all functions of the company during the execution of the contract. 5, dynamic grasp of market prices, regularly to the company to provide market analysis and forecasting reports and personal work weekly. 6 、 maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers.

Registration Specialist (1)

Requirements: 1. Organizing and implementing the measures for the supervision and administration of medical devices, the quality control standards for medical equipment production and the relevant laws and regulations of the state. 2, responsible for drafting, compiling and revising the quality management system documents, and guidance, supervision and implementation. 3, responsible for the operation of quality management system work, the implementation of the company's GMP supervision. 4, product registration changes related matters.

QA (1)

Requirements: 1. have the professional knowledge of quality management and the ability to hold 13485 internal auditor qualification certificate, familiar with the operation mode of the quality management system, quality management standards related products, familiar with the medical device quality management regulations and policies, enterprises. 2. good analytical and problem solving skills. 3. have good learning ability, can learn relevant management knowledge, improve management skills. 4. good communication and coordination skills. 5. team work spirit.

QC (1)

Requirements: proficiency in test equipment. Familiar with reagent configuration, such as gas chromatography, biological safety cabinet, super clean bench, etc.. Responsible for daily record forms, purified water inspection, product sterility test, etc.. Physical test, workshop environment testing, such as settling bacteria, dust particles, wind speed, ventilation, etc..